Custom Made Biothane Products & Apparel

Biothane is odor-proof, stain-resistant, non-toxic, and above all - made to last. The vibrant colors are eye-catching, on-trend, and beautiful for both you & your four-legged friend. Inquire today for all of you Biothane needs! When you buy something from a small business an actual person does a happy dance. Thank you for being the cause of my happy dance :)

  • Why Biothane?

    WHY BUY A BIOTHANE DOG LEASH?Biothane leads and leashes are a favorite among dog trainers everywhere. These dog leashes have the benefit of being waterproof, lightweight, and fully functional in any conditions or terrain. They do not slip when wet or retain a mildew-y smell, and are incredibly strong and great for large and small dogs alike. They are heavy duty leashes, a great alternative to leather, and available in multiple colors.

  • Only The Best For Your Animals!

    I LOVE shopping for dog stuff & horse stuff, and I dress my dogs & horses better than myself! It's so much fun to change up their style, but it sure gets expensive quickly. My goal was to create a line that is worth every penny of your investment, one that will stand up to years of wear and tear and still look brand new. Our rainbow of solid colours range from deep jewel hues to flashy neons, and are perfect for matching all sorts of patterned bandanas and bows, so you can your dress your dog up without buying a whole new collar every season!

  • Our Apparel

    All of our shirts are going to be designed for our love of horses. While there are a lot of horse breeds & disciplines that cover the world. Now you have the change to show the world how much love you have for all those horse breeds & discplines!

    We are not just giving you an eye-catchy design shirt, We also giving you the best quality of shirt that is very soft, comfortable and non-irritating to the skin which is very good to anyone!


Jamie & Ben Caesar own Caesar K9 & Equine! Together with their vast knowledge combined in both the Dog World & the Equestrian World, they both offer quality Apparel & Biothane products for both horse & dog!